where to get esketamine nasal spray

where to get esketamine nasal spray

where can i get esketamine nasal spray buy now New Ketamine- Nasal Spray Seen as a Breakthrough Treatment for Depression
Experts say the spray approved this week by the FDA is the first truly new treatment for depression in decades.

Dr. Dennis Charney and a colleague, Dr. John Krystal, had been studying antidepressants at Yale in the 1990s. Most of them targeted neurotransmitters in the brain — serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine.

where can i get esketamine nasal spray

“We ultimately felt that couldn’t be the final answer because those drugs take weeks or months to work and don’t work in a lot of people,” Charney, now dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, told Healthline.

The researchers eventually decided a different part of the brain, ionotropic glutamate receptors, might be involved, too.

The party drug ketamine, it turns out, can affect those receptors.

This week, that initial work on ketamine resulted in another milestone.

The approvalTrusted Source by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of a form of esketamine as a nasal spray for patients with treatment-resistant depression marks the first truly new treatment for depression in decades, experts say.

“There are upwards of 16 million people with depression, up to a third of whom have treatment-resistant forms,” Paul Gionfriddo, president of Mental Health America, told Healthline. “While there are good drugs on the market for depression, this has the potential to help a significant number of people for whom there has been no effective pharmaceutical treatment so far.”

“Esketamine offers hope to those patients,” Charney said, noting that studies found the new drug produced a response in about 70 percent of treatment-resistant patients studied.

The approval follows results Charney and colleagues published in 2006 showing that ketamine worked for those with treatment-resistant depression — depression that hasn’t responded to two or more different treatments — as well as more common depression.

They patented their treatment and licensed it to Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is marketing the esketamine nasal spray under the brand name Spravato.

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