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Our Terms of Trade

What we do: Here at Women Over Web, we want to revolutionize your access to health & beauty products by way you can buy medications out of your insurance health plan.

Millions of people are left stranded in the hands of Scammers, Fake products or purchase that will never arrived at the porch or your shipping address. We are dedicated to provide a one stop online pharmacy platform of the future.

Mission: This website is,known for cutting out middlemen in the drug trade and buying real medications directly from our source, is an online black market and the first modern surface market in Alabama, best known as a platform for selling abortion pills, Opioid, Cough Syrup and many others.


We do not encourage users on Opioid and other Tablets or injections controlled by FDA. You can only buy once every 3 months on our site this is to help patient’s not to abusive medications.

We wont ship your order if we find out you are trying to make fraud or be it, an undercover.

All purchase around Mountain Brook, AL 35210, USA we offer someday delivery, other cities in Alabama next-day delivery lead time  and rest of United States of America 2-3 days delivery via UPS,DHL,USPS discreet  mail service and rest of the world 5 – 14 days.

Who we Are ?

We’re group of trained chemists in Alabama US, operating the website

With the primary goal to provide real medications at best prices in an open web for Americans who find it difficult to get access of such medications at best price without affecting their insurance plan.

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